A taste of spice

Our new Bitcoin Business, Shami’s Gourmet, invites you into the tasty world of unique gourmet foods from around the world.


The Shami’s Gourmet team has spent a great deal of their lives travelling and living abroad, in particular in Central and South America where they enjoyed experiencing new and unique foods. Since returning to California, Sharyn and Mike have devoted their time to sourcing the products they discovered on their travels as well as keeping up to date with the latest culinary trends.

Should you be hunting for a more unusual spice or foodstuff, or simply be searching for quality ingredients or kitchen equipment their store is a little slice of foodie heaven. Heard about dukkah, but not sure how to use it? Shami’s writes a fantastic blog full of information about products that they stock and stories about their foodie experiences.

For future reference, dukkah, meaning “to pound” in arabic is a mixture of herbs, nuts and spices, its most common use is as a dip with fresh vegetables and bread, however it can also be used in marinades or as a rub for fish and meats. More information and recipes can be found here.

Shami’s aims to provide a memorable experience, offering quality products with top rated customer service.

Shami’s Gourmet is based in Southern California and distributes domestically to all 50 states. It proudly accepts bitcoin for all purchases.https://bitscan.com/stores/view/75.

Bon Appetit!!



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