Little Acorns

acornsSo, in an effort to dogfood Love+Bitcoin’s agency concept we’ve started our own, which we’ve called Btzsy!

Btzsy will focus on building the bitcoin economy in and around our home-town of Sydney, in Australia.  It will also be the vehicle by which we process and act on any enquiries made direct to BitScan.

Love+Bitcoin agents can target their marketing activities on Online and Bricks n Mortar retailers, or even Local Bitcoin merchants, but we’ve chosen to hit the online community first and spent the last 2 weeks building a prospect list from BitScan’s directory, local Amazon and Etsy merchants and an online search of businesses who offer products that our research suggests are of interest to bitcoiners.  Once you get into it its amazing how many you find and a few simple filters allows you to filter down your list to what your criteria suggests will be the most obvious eraly adopters.

In the meantime we’ve built a simple sales funnel to guide those prospects gently across Love+Bitcoin’s offering which is, essentially, to support them into the bitcoin space and enable them to create a crypto sales channel, at low cost and no risk, using the BitScan directory and marketplace.

We’ll be mail shot-ing our first 100 prospects tomorrow.

Will any of them bite?

We have absolutely no idea but will keep you informed as we go…


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