An Idea Worth Sharing?

Everything starts with an idea, right?!

Back in the heady days of late 2013, our idea was to promote bitcoin adoption through clarity. If only consumers could find merchants, we thought, bitcoin would do the rest.  So we built a bitcoin directory that’s become the biggest on the planet.

With this complete we set about building a bitcoin trading engine to sit alongside the directory, with trust at its core, so that people would have some place safe to do business.

So now the engine is complete, and we want to put it in the hands of the community, so that grass roots bitcoiners anywhere can build their own businesses, wherever or in whatever market segment they love.

Put another way, we want to raise an adoption army. We want to energize the evolution of the decentralized economy through a centralized engine.

Some won’t like this idea – and we have no idea if it will work

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