A taste of spice

Our new Bitcoin Business, Shami’s Gourmet, invites you into the tasty world of unique gourmet foods from around the world.


The Shami’s Gourmet team has spent a great deal of their lives travelling and living abroad, in particular in Central and South America where they enjoyed experiencing new and unique foods. Since returning to California, Sharyn and Mike have devoted their time to sourcing the products they discovered on their travels as well as keeping up to date with the latest culinary trends.

Should you be hunting for a more unusual spice or foodstuff, or simply be searching for quality ingredients or kitchen equipment their store is a little slice of foodie heaven. Heard about dukkah, but not sure how to use it? Shami’s writes a fantastic blog full of information about products that they stock and stories about their foodie experiences.

For future reference, dukkah, meaning “to pound” in arabic is a mixture of herbs, nuts and spices, its most common use is as a dip with fresh vegetables and bread, however it can also be used in marinades or as a rub for fish and meats. More information and recipes can be found here.

Shami’s aims to provide a memorable experience, offering quality products with top rated customer service.

Shami’s Gourmet is based in Southern California and distributes domestically to all 50 states. It proudly accepts bitcoin for all purchases.https://bitscan.com/stores/view/75.

Bon Appetit!!



Getting Our Shopify On…


Another little victory today that we thought might be of interest.

So, one of our first merchant clients happens to sell through Shopify. And given that their inventory runs into the hundreds, we were keen to create a script that could do all the heavy lifting for us – and any of our Agents who might face the same challenge.

The good news is that Shopify records merchant inventories in a vanilla CSV file, which the client was able to email across to us.

With this in hand, we set ourselves the task of creating a script that would allow us to ‘drag and drop’ this file straight into BitScan’s mall, via an agent’s dashboard.

The result is Shami’s Gourmet, who are now live on BitScan.com and via our L+B agent site, Btzsy.info!  Hurrah!


Going Live in Texas…

We’ve just come off a very pleasant webinar with Alex and Andy from the San Antonio Crypto Network – who have confirmed that they’d like to come aboard as a Love+Bitcoin partner. Yay!

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 11.10.53 AMBetter still, they come across as exactly the sort of team the Crypto economy needs to really get it fired up; bags of energy and determined to make their local economy thrive.

If you want to know more about the Love+Bitcoin offering you can watch a recording of our webinar with Alex and Andy here.

Also, we’ll be live at the same time next week so if you want to meet us and ask your own questions, just go to the Love+Bitcoin site and register your interest. We’ll can then get back in touch with you and pass you the uplink schedule and details.

In the meantime, we just wanted to close by say well done to the boys in San Antonio. We look forward to working with you to build this economy out from the grass roots…

We Are One!

It’s been a big week so far.

Our first Btzsy mail shot – which, frankly, we’d give ourselves 5 out of 10 for, has generated 5 merchant leads and our first Love+Bitcoin reddit post has generated another 11 leads.

Most importantly, however, Btzsy has secured it’s first merchant sign-up! Yay!


For us, this is a huge deal, having just set up shop, and if we can do it, anyone can do it too, right?!

We cannot wait to tell you who it is but we’ve a little work to do first, uploading their inventory and making their directory Listing look awesome. As soon as they’re up and live we’ll let you know and then we’ll be doing everything in our power to kickstart their bitcoin sales. Because they’ll always be our #1…

In other news, our Logo has arrived! Yay!  We hope you like it. We kinda do and it’ll be featuring on a T-shirt or Mug near you very soon… we hope.  Seriously, if any of you fancy setting a trend let us know and we’ll sort something out.

Next… drum role please… our first Love+Bitcoin agency is almost up and running and a second is ‘in the hoist’. Another Yay! More detail to follow but what we love about what’s happening here are the fantastic ideas that innovative people are coming up with regarding the verticals they want to attack.  And this is the point, right? Bright minds are already thinking up ways to put the BitScan engine to work that we couldn’t have dreamt up ourselves. Wicked!

Anyway, if you fancy finding out more about BitScan or Love+Bitcoin, we are holding our inaugural webinar this weekend, in Sydney, which will be Friday afternoon  / evening for a lot of you.  If you fancy tuning in Live this is where you need to be:

Join us for the ‘Feel the Love’ webinar!
Sat, May 2, 2015 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM AEST
Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.


You can also dial in using your phone.

Australia : +61 2 8355 1034

Access Code: 474-405-293

Anyway, that’s all we have for now. We appreciate that this is really just a start.  There’s a huge amount to do and learn, and we really are just beginners. But it is a start, nevertheless, and its a huge tonic…
Cheers for now, RW.

Little Acorns

acornsSo, in an effort to dogfood Love+Bitcoin’s agency concept we’ve started our own, which we’ve called Btzsy! Continue reading

Want to know a little more…?

Our CEO explains what Love+Bitcoin has to offer…

Check out his dulcet tones here!

Our Little Intro Explainer

Just finished this!

‘Gotta love Go Animate…


Love+Bitcoin by rob933520 on GoAnimate